The Best Natural Mosquito Repellent As an Ultimate Solution

If you are looking for an ideal natural mosquito repellent, the bioPURE all natural mosquito control for your home is the best option. It is unrivaled in the market thanks to its efficacy which matches most artificial mosquito repellents. The bioPURE all natural mosquito repellent for your home is quite effective in preventing and repelling mosquitoes for more than 3 weeks. It is also a highly-potent tick repellent.
Most people have shifted to the use of natural mosquito repellents for their yards because they understand the increased risks posed by the use of chemical mosquito repellents.

bioPURE all natural mosquito control for your home is the
preferred solution because of its enhanced efficacy and natural ingredients. It is a natural product that works perfectly compared to most synthetic products in the market and delivers an unmatched level of strength and longevity.

Natural Mosquito Repellent:
What is It?

This is a carefully formulated product designed to help repel mosquitoes from infesting a particular area. Natural repellents are made from organic ingredients considered safe for humans and animals and meet all the required standards.

bioPURE natural mosquito repellent is made up of the following active ingredients:

It also includes the following inactive ingredients:

Where to Spray?

We spray bioPURE all natural mosquito control for your home in the following areas:

You shouldn’t apply this natural mosquito repellent directly to water bodies like ponds, rivers, and lakes. You should also avoid applying it on food-bearing plants or surfaces that come into contact with food like on vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. After application, you shouldn’t allow humans or pets to access the treated area until the bioPURE natural mosquito repellent solution has dried.

How We Apply the Solution

Our product is applied with an outdoor sprayer used to create a mist fogging.  We always use the correct measurements to get a solution that is super effective against the mosquitoes in your home.

We mix the bioPURE all natural mosquito control for your home with a gallon of water.
This is used to treat a 3,000 to 7,000 square feet area with green density.

 The best time for application is during the warm hours of the day because this is when mosquitoes are resting. During the night, they are always active and in mid-flight.

bioPURE Test Results for Natural Mosquito Control

Our product has gone through various strict tests to determine its efficacy. In a test carried out
by a certified testing agency, the outcome showed that bioPURE all natural mosquito repellent
for your home is super effective in eliminating 100% mosquitoes in your home or premises in
less than 4 hours after application. This is quite effective compared to some synthetic options in
the market. 

This test also showed an efficacy level of 90% mosquito control in less than 2 weeks after
application. We also compared our product to some competitors in the natural mosquito
repellent market. One product was 80% effective during the same period, while another was
producing 60% effectiveness in the same. 

Three weeks after application, the bioPURE all natural mosquito control for your home was
found to be as effective as it was in two weeks at a 90% rate. Two of our competitors in the
natural repellent market performed worse, one showing something less than 80% effectiveness
and another one at 40%. 

Keep mosquitos away with a natural solution that uses essential oils.

More people have become aware of their environment and health. That is why they will go to different extents to make sure they are fully protected. One of the most sought-after solutions is the use of natural mosquito repellents.
Choosing an effective natural mosquito control method is essential in preventing mosquitoes in your home or business. Mosquito infestation can negatively impact your outdoor event, business function, or party functions. Your guests will just leave your function because of the medical risks and discomfort they have been exposed to.
Natural mosquito repellents are the best option in such a scenario. Let’s look at natural mosquito repellents with our main focus being bioPURE Natural Mosquito Repellent, the all natural mosquito control for your home.

A Safe and Effective Product to Use Around Babies, Pets, and Bees

One of the main concerns among most people is whether bioPURE natural mosquito repellent is
safe for use around babies or pets. Well, the product is made up of natural ingredients that will
not expose your baby, cats, or dogs to any risks after application. You don’t have to worry about
occupying your yard hours after application. It will be safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

There are also concerns about the effect of our product on bees. The bioPURE natural mosquito repellent won’t affect the bee population at your home. We do not apply this product directly to flowers when bees are hunting for nectar. We also avoid spraying on areas where bees are foraging. 

bioPURE natural mosquito repellent is only meant for the target pests i.e, mosquitoes. It does not affect pollinators, mammals, humans, or other non-target species in any way. If you are looking for a safe and highly-effective way to get rid of mosquitoes from your home then bioPURE all natural mosquito repellent is the best option.

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